The Effingham County Schools Vision Plan with MetLife provides a benefit for an exam, either contact lenses or eyeglass lenses, and frames.  If you see an in-network provider, you pay a copay for your standard eye exam / lenses, and the plan pays a benefit of up to $130 for frames, and contact lenses.  Additional copays apply for eyeglass lens options.  Dependent children can be covered to age 26.


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With the MetLife Vision Plan, you may visit any vision provider.  However in order to maximize your MetLife vision benefit, we encourage you to visit an in-network provider.  Participating vision provider information can be found on the Resources page.

Vision Summary of Benefits In-Network
Standard $20 copay
Contact Lens Fit and Follow-up Covered in full with a maximum copay of $60
Lenses - Glasses
Single Covered in full less $20 copay
Bifocal Covered in full less $20 copay
Trifocal Covered in full less $20 copay
Lenticular Covered in full less $20 copay
UV Treatment $0 copay
Tint $15 copay
Standard Polycarbonate - Kids under 19 $0 copay
Plan pays $130 less $20 copay Costco: Plan pays $70 less $20 copay
Contact Lenses
Conventional Up to $130 allowance
Disposable Up to $130 allowance
Medically necessary Covered in full less $20 copay


  • Examination: Once per 12 months
  • Lenses: One pair per 12 months
  • Frames: One pair per 24 months

** Either eyeglass lenses or contact lenses are allowed per frequency **